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Technology Selection/Implementation


Frustrated with your current AMS? Want to update enterprise software systems but are overwhelmed by the process? Success Roads can help.


Digital technologies are key to associations’ ability to engage members, deliver information and provide important services to stay relevant. But integrating technology with business strategy and deploying new systems can be daunting.


We have a unique understanding of where technology and business needs meet. We work with associations to streamline the technology software selection and implementation process – whether deploying a new AMS, an LMS or any other enterprise software system.


Our work includes:


• Develop the business and technical requirements for the project, considering cross-departmental needs

• Research and identify potential partners

• Develop and distribute RFPs

• Review and analyze vendor proposals

• Lead cross-department teams through the vendor evaluation and selection process

• Negotiate contracts

• Develop an implementation plan

• Lead cross-department teams in the implementation of the software including testing and managing vendor partnerships



Ready to put technology to work for your organization to help achieve your strategic goals? Contact Success Roads today!


Client Testimonial


“Our decision to move to another technology [has been] an excellent choice for the organization and it has been well-received by all internal constituents, in part because of the collaborative approach that Duane remained committed to throughout the process.  Big picture, we are gaining better technology and functionality, improved customer service and improved pricing.”


- Michele Givens, Publisher/General Manager, Editorial Projects in Education


Case Study: Abstract Manager/Peer Review


Success Roads led an initiative to upgrade an outdated Peer Review System that was no longer supported by the original vendor for several areas of its member services, including conference presenters, student paper competitions and faculty awards. Learn more here.

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