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New Product/Program Development


Tightened budgets have contributed to flat or declining membership and lower attendance at annual meetings. And professional networking that was previously a flagship offering of associations is now readily available through social media and online communities.


To stay relevant and grow revenues, associations must find new ways of attracting and engaging members. Success Roads can help. We work with associations to define and implement new products and sources of non-dues revenue, often leveraging existing resources. Elements of our work include:


  • Facilitate brainstorming and new product/program development sessions with all relevant stakeholders

  • Define new product/program features and value proposition

  • Develop financial models, including revenues, expenses and resources

  • Outline technology and other implementation requirements

  • Identify target markets and distribution partners

  • Manage project implementation, including timelines, resources and budgets


Ready to uncover your new sources of non-dues revenue? Contact Success Roads today.


Client Testimonial


“Duane impressed me by leading my staff to identify our goals and define the product. He could have done it himself, but by creating consensus and buy-in from the team, he gave them ownership of the process and helped ensure its success.”


- Michael Monti, Executive Director, ACSA


Case Study: Webinar/Virtual Event


An association wanted to engage a larger audience of professionals, students and suppliers with their organization.  Success Roads led the development of webinar and virtual event products. Learn more here.


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