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Case Study: ACSA 


When the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) faces challenges, Success Roads provides solutions and makes them happen.


This architecture association first contracted Success Roads to conduct website strategic planning with its executive team. After Duane helped them prioritize projects, ACSA continued to contract Success Roads to implement technology solutions and to develop feasibility studies for additional potential products.




Challenge: ACSA lacked the resources to dedicate to developing an overall website strategy. ACSA’s executive team knew the website needed an update – a “Website 2.0 Initiative” – but needed guidance on prioritizing their needs and mapping out a plan.


Solution: Success Roads led a cross-department team in the development of a new website strategy. How we made It happen:

  • Facilitated strategic planning discussions with ACSA’s executive team

  • Developed strategic rational and criteria for prioritizing projects

  • Built framework for strategic website plan


Outcome: At the completion of this website strategic planning initiative, ACSA had a roadmap of what needed to happen – and in what order – to get the organization to achieve its goals for its website.


“Success Roads did an excellent job leading our executive team in strategic planning for our website. We continue to return to them when we need additional support and face other challenges.”


Challenge: To stay relevant, keep its membership engaged, and attract potential new members, ACSA needed to develop a webinar product that increased website traffic and member engagement. ACSA also wanted to attract more students to its annual College Expo.


Solution: Success Roads led cross-department team in the development of a new webinar product for ACSA. How we made it happen:

  • Led executive team to define ACSA’s business goals and the metrics that will indicate long-term success of the webinar product

  • Worked with the team to define the product requirements

  • Developed business model that estimated audience potential for the product

  • Analyzed the market for potential webinar vendors

  • Built a financial model for revenues, expenses and resources


Outcome: The first virtual College Expo attracted 400 students who became prospects for ACSA members.  Webinars are slated for an April 2015 launch and ACSA members are pleased with both products.


 “Duane impressed me by leading my staff to identify our goals and define the product. He could have done it himself, but by creating consensus and buy-in from the team, he gave them ownership of the process and helped ensure its success.”



Challenge: ACSA was utilizing an outdated Peer Review System no longer supported by the original vendor for several areas of its member services, including conference presenters, student paper competitions and faculty awards.  ACSA also utilized a separate Peer Review System for vetting articles for its academic journal. The organization needed to find a new vendor with a software product that could be customized to meet ACSA’s requirements and house all peer reviews.


Solution: Success Roads made this technology need a technology solution. How we made it happen:

  • Defined the business and technical requirements of the new peer review platform to provide enough information for a vendor to bid

  • Researched vendors

  • Developed and managed the RFP process

  • Helped ACSA’s cross-departmental team to select a vendor that met their requirements

  • Conducted due diligence on selected vendor


Outcome: ACSA was able to implement this new technology successfully and all users are very pleased with the improved process.


“Duane had a solid understanding of both our technical and business needs and led us in finding a technology vendor that satisfied our business and technical requirements.”






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